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The New Blogarithm Site

The New Blogarithm Site

I have been away from blogging & Twitter for a little while, and as things have started to slow down for me I will now use this site to get my blog rolling again.

Over the last 3+ years I have been working on two projects that I consider to be game changers. First, I have been working on a new online statistics project with Mike Sullivan. It is called Interactive Statistics (Pearson) and I think that it is the future of statistics. The traditional text approach is supplemented with video instruction as well as interactive applets and activities that will engage students and help them to understand big picture ideas and concepts. There are exercises built into the text that allow students to assess their understanding, and these exercises feed directly into their grade book. Each example has 3 complete video solutions, worked out by hand, using StatCrunch, and the TI-84 calculator. It is intended to be a complete learning solution for students. I know that the videos have met a great reception from my students during beta testing.

In addition, I have been working on the fourth edition of my combined algebra text. With this edition we are heading towards a completely digital package. (The text is still available in a print format, and will be supplemented by a guided notebook.) The focus in the textbook has been on incorporating the “Discover/Engage/Reflect” cycles of learning that I use in my own classroom. As with the statistics project, there is an increase in the availability of video resources. I have created a video for each example, which is presented in a “Discover” style. There are also two quick check examples with video solutions. These videos are presented in such a way that students can Engage with the first example, and use the second example as a way to Reflect on the material. My hope is that students will use these examples to self assess.

Now that the stat project is done, and the algebra project is winding down, I plan to use this site to share my passions in the classroom: effective incorporation of technology, effective use of MyMathLab, incorporating study skills into the classroom, student motivation, emphasis on understanding over memorizing, …

You can continue to find older (yet still relevant) articles on my original blog sites:

I’ll be in touch.