TBT – Reflection

TBT – Reflection

The cycle of learning that I use with my students is one of Discover – Engage – Reflect, and today I want to focus on Reflect.

It is hard to imagine that true learning can happen without some sort of reflection. What have we done? How is it similar to what we have done before? How is it different? What are my key takeaways? What concepts are not as clear as they need to be?

On Monday I revisited using Desmos generated graphs to solve inequalities graphically. We began by discussing what students remembered from the previous week. Several students offered tips that seemed to work for them, and I built upon those. We worked through one example as a class, and again discussed what we did and reflected on the progress made.

Solve \left \| 3x+9 \right \| - 2 < \left \| x+2 \right \| + 3

I then gave students another example to try on their own. I asked those who had some success to share their takeaways, and it helped their classmates to hear what made it click for them.

I plan to start the next class by asking students to compare and contrast solving absolute value inequalities by algebraic techniques and by graphical methods. I will ask students to share any issues they have, as well as suggestions for other students who may be struggling with either method.

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