Embedded Tutor FTW!

Embedded Tutor FTW!


Thanks to the Transformation Grant, our college has begun to provide embedded tutors for developmental math and English classes. I have a tutor in each of my Math 200 (Elementary Algebra) classes. My tutors walk around throughout the class session, helping students and answering questions. I have had great results, and I am happy to say that my students feel that having a tutor in the classroom is very beneficial. Many developmental math students are much more comfortable asking questions in a one-on-one fashion, rather than stopping a lecture to ask a question in front of the whole class. I also have my tutors grading some of the in-class group work assignments.

Today we were reviewing for the test on graphing linear equations and inequalities in two variables. I was going over one of the problems that students had worked on (finding the equation of a line that meets given conditions) when one of my students stood up and told the entire class that he noticed that many students found m and b, but neglected to write the equation. It was a great example of feedback provided at an important time, and I am sure that students will benefit from that tomorrow.

I am so proud that the tutor felt comfortable enough to make that observation. I feel that the embedded tutor has increased the sense of community in our classrooms, and look forward to encouraging more instructors to take advantage of this opportunity.

Do you have classroom tutors? Are there any successes you want to share? Words of warning? I’d love to hear from you through the contact page on my website, posting a comment, or by reaching out to me on Twitter (@georgewoodbury).


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